The Music Video Producers Association brings together leading producers who continue to contribute towards the development and success of artists and recording companies by creating high-end promo videos.

MVPA Members:

Standardised agreements.

The foundation of the association is to encourage the use of the standardised music production agreement created by The Advertising Association

Transparency and fairness.

It enables producers and their directors to work alongside record companies within a fair and transparent framework.

Giving to the industry.

MVPA also provides advice on copyright issues, engaging crew, insurance issues and disputes and on claims for payment, be it late or in dispute.

Progressing together.

We offer an open and honest forum to discuss and tackle issues of common concern and general industry developments with other music production companies and labels.

We’ll let the experts explain…

Steve Davies

CEO at the Advertising Producers Association.

Ian Pons Jewell

Respected industry director.